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Tips For Staging Your Home

One of the best investments you can make to achieve the high sale value of a house is staging it. Then, you can put it on the market. However, you need to ensure that your manner of home staging will bolster the interest of buyers.

Usually, the first impression of potential buyers can either make or break an offer. If they are not thrilled the first time, the higher the possibility that property sales will die there and then.

When it comes to selling a home, first impressions are everything. Therefore, you should keep in mind that staging your home should ensure that buyers will see it in its best light so that they can picture themselves living in the property.

Are you ready to stage your home? Check out the following tips to help you market your humble abode like a pro.

Best Home Staging Tips to Increase Your Property’s Offer Value

These golden home staging tips will positively impact your property without breaking the bank.


• Repaint or renovate the front door

• Doors and windows should effortlessly open and close

• Remove any shoes or coats from the front door.

• Replace the welcome mat in the entryway.

• Clean carpets

• Do not hide items in the closets

• Ensure that any evidence of pets is stored away

• Clean ceiling fans

Living Room

• Remove any unnecessary appliances or furniture.

• Install light curtains.

• Put away family photos

• Tuck away all wires and cords

• Remove any furniture that is close to the wall.

• Hang a large piece of art on the large wall.

• Include a coffee table book.

Dining Room

• Prepare the dinner table

• Include house plants to add color and life.

• Use mirrors to create more space.

• Use lamps to illuminate dark areas.

• Install floor-to-ceiling curtains.

• Use more light bulbs for more light

• Display wall art at eye level.


• Remove all items from the counters

• Place fruit bowls for decor

• Replace worn-out knobs and hardware

• Take everything out of the refrigerator

• Clean both the inside and outside windows

• Paint or stain old shelves/cabinets

• Replace backsplash

• Repair or replace any leaking faucets

• Repaint any bright or eye-catching colors

• Purchase a new faucet to replace an old one


• Replace the caulking around the bathroom.

• Place the wastebasket away

• Remove all toothbrushes and toiletries

• Hang new, white towels

• Keep the toilet seat down all the time

• Repair any squeaky doors throughout the house

• Add small, rolled towels to a basket on the counter

• Clean the area around the toilet and the bathtub

• Place a new bottle of hand soap on the counter

• Install a new shower curtain or clean an old one


• Remove any televisions or other forms of entertainment.

• Place white linen and pillowcases

• Add new throw pillows and pillows

• Do not push the bed in the corner

• Remove all bookshelves and built-ins.

• Store away half of the items from the closet.

• Hang clothes in groups that all face the same direction.

• Use the same hangers in your closet.

• Turn themed rooms into neutral rooms.

• Store and clean up toys

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